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All New Episodes of Daddy's Boys

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First feature Film based on the life of Tonier Cain "Through the Fire"

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Clearly Invisible a short film based from the stage play of the same name.

Sample Vignette Produced by Gdavis Films

Client: Winston Salem State University

Topic: Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

Deliverables: 5 Vignettes 

Taking Care of June Trailer

Inspired by the Award Winning Stage play Forget Me Not

Written & Directed by Garrett Davis

Taking Care of June Rehearsal

Ruff Edit taken from the pilot 

The Return of Mama's Girls
Inspired by the stage play Mama's Girls
Screen Play: Garrett Davis
DOP: Nachela Knox
Dialogue Director: Dartez Wright


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Nachela Knox, Director of Film


Bringing Real Life Situations to the Screen